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The Importance of Having a Primary Care Physician

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September 29, 2022 | Category : Primary Care Services | Author: Arleta Urgent Care

Importance of Primary Care Physician

Primary care is the first point of contact when we get sick or injured. However, at some point, you may feel your medical issue urgently requires extra attention. This also calls for a medical opinion from health care experts. At Arleta Urgent Care Clinic, you will get proper health care services from a reliable primary care physician, your first point of contact in the health care system. 

A primary care physician in Arleta helps patients regain their health after getting sick and helps them identify risk factors, prevent certain diseases, and manage chronic conditions. This allows the patient or a person to stay healthy for a better quality of life. The work of a primary care physician goes beyond the ability to cover myriad issues. With our primary care physician, we provide efficient and consistent health care services on several levels. 

What Does a Primary Care Physician Do?

A medical practitioner specializing in general pediatrics, family medicine, or internal medicine is called a primary care physician. A primary care physician also offers continuous health care services to undifferentiated patients suffering from chronic diseases. We have the best primary care physician who also provides patients with comprehensive care based on the kind of medical condition. 

You can rely on our primary physicians for specialized and comprehensive primary care services. Whether it is a chronic or an acute medical condition, our doctors are always ready to provide the best medical attention. The long relationship that primary care physicians establish with patients helps them to get well quickly when they are sick and also helps them to maintain good health. 

Regular health visits, which include annual checkups, make it simpler for a primary care physician to know more about these patients. Our PCP will understand more about your:

  • Medical history 
  • Current health condition 
  • Personality and lifestyle 
  • Family’s medical history
  • Treatment preferences and daily challenges

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Primary Care Physicians' Importance

Patients' daily health care needs are manageable at Arleta Urgent Care Clinic. To maintain good health at lower medical costs, you must ensure a long-term relationship with your PCP(primary care physician). With our PCP, you learn various ways to maintain good health, get proper diagnosis and treatment when you get sick, and access advanced medical attention when necessary. 

Our PCP gets to know and understand everything concerning your health over time, unlike other specialists who you can only see when you are sick. Our primary care physician learns more about your family’s medical history, habits, medication, and other support groups. Our PCPs are not only trained for specific health issues of a patient but the general well-being too. 

Benefits of a Primary Care Physician: 

A one-stop shop 

Our primary care physician is often your first point of contact if you have any health care concerns. Whether it is a minor burn, cold, or chronic arthritis, our patients’ daily health care needs are catered to by our PCP.

Care coordination 

Our Arleta primary care provider's long-term relationship with patients allows them to take the patient’s supplements, medicines, and tests necessary in every stage of life. Primary care physicians also help patients to meet their health care needs.

Health and wellness advocate 

Our primary care physician helps you find a path toward long-term health and wellness. PCPs also offer information regarding healthcare strategies. This includes managing stress and anxiety, smoking cessation, and helping patients with drug and alcohol abuse. 

Time and cost savings 

As a regular patient, getting an appointment is easier and much faster. A primary care physician in Arleta offers same-day or next-day appointments conveniently for existing patients. This does not only help to avoid visiting the emergency rooms, but it also helps to save time and money. 

What kind of Primary Care Physicians are available at Arleta Urgent Care?

Several kinds of primary care physicians at Arleta Urgent Care Clinic. Below is an explanation of how they differ from one another. 

Family Doctors

This kind of primary care physician is well-trained to offer medical attention to patients of all ages. They have undergone extensive medical training to provide geriatric medicine, adult medicine, musculoskeletal care, and pediatrics. About 10 to 15 of patients in a typical medical practice are children. 


Medical practitioners highly trained to address medical concerns affecting adults are known as internists. Internists, just like family doctors, treat various chronic and acute medical conditions. They have to, therefore, go through several medical training sessions that allow them to do so correctly. These include rheumatology, neurology, endocrinology, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and geriatrics. 


Pediatricians are also primary care physicians trained to cater to medical concerns affecting children of all ages, including babies, children, and teenagers under 21 years old. While some Pediatricians specialize in pediatric cardiology or neurology, others are primary care providers of general health care for children. 


Geriatricians are primary care physicians who specialize in treating adult patients. This requires advanced medical training that addresses medical concerns such as dementia, balance, and insomnia. 

Obstetrician-gynecologists (OB-GYN) 

Medical practitioners who help administer proper medical attention to women’s gynecological issues are called Ob-gyn or Obstetrician-gynecologists. This includes reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum conditions. OB-GYNs offer the same health care services as family doctors and internists, and some will only focus on female reproductive health.

Nurse Practitioners 

Nurse practitioners at Arleta Urgent Care Clinic offer preventive, diagnostic, and curative health care services to patients of all ages. Their duties include creating proper treatment plans for patients, prescribing medications, and also assisting patients with chronic medical issues to manage their conditions. 

Physician Assistants

Medical practitioners or primary care assistants are called physician assistants. They have the skills required to treat all kinds of patients as they perform similar duties as doctors. However, they depend on doctors to carry out their medical duties. With the doctor’s authorization, they can sign off patients or prescribe medication.

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You can rely on primary care physicians from Arleta Urgent Care Clinic to help address various health concerns despite what you are suffering from. Our healthcare services are also affordable to all patients who require high-quality healthcare services. At Arleta Urgent Care Clinic, patients don’t need to wait long to receive proper medical attention. To get the best medical services now and in the future, you need to build a long-term relationship with a primary care physician in Arleta who provides holistic health care services. Visits to Arleta Urgent Care Clinic allow patients to pay less to receive proper medical attention.

If you have any questions about our primary care physician, please do not hesitate to contact us at 818-746-2626 or Schedule an Appointment.


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