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6 Benefits Of Having A Primary Care Physician in Arleta

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July 04, 2022 | Category : Primary Care Services | Author: Arleta Urgent Care

Benefits of Primary Care Physician

An Arleta primary care is a health care model that focuses on accessible, comprehensive, continuous, and first-contact care. By ensuring subgroups have equal access to health care services, primary care services reduce disparities and optimize population health across the population. 

Primary Care Definition?

When a person has a health problem or concern that is not an emergency, their first interaction with the healthcare system is referred to as primary care. It is the component of the health system that consumers use most frequently and can be obtained from a general practitioner (GP), a physiotherapist, or a pharmacy, among other professionals. When they have a health issue that is not urgent, the majority of people go to their doctor as the first port of call. Aside from doctors and nurses, the primary healthcare system also employs physiotherapists and dentists.

Primary Health Care Goals?

Primary care is about improving individuals' health and well-being, which includes solving or preventing any health issue that has occurred or has a high chance of occurring. A primary care clinic in Arleta has one primary purpose ensuring that patients can easily access health and medical care at affordable costs. This medical service also deals with any illness or injury that may affect a person, not just particular medical conditions, body organs, or systems.

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6 Benefits Of Having A Primary Care Physician

1. Continuity

Having one particular doctor who has always handled any health issues your way means that your entire health is in good hands because the doctor knows and understands your medical history. There is no need to explain to the doctor what kind of health issues you have. The primary care physician in Arleta already knows and has your medical records, even the medication you are currently taking and its doses.

2. Convenience

There are various health care services that you can access in a primary care practice. Examples include care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, immunizations, or wound care. A primary care physician in Arleta can also offer screening and preventive care. Other health care conditions that are cared for in an Arleta primary care clinic include birth control services, health counseling, and medication prescriptions.

3. Health Maintenance

Our Arleta primary care doctor is better positioned to offer advice on preventing certain health problems. The doctor can determine whether you are at high risk for conditions such as cancer, heart condition, or high blood pressure based on evaluation and examination done. A primary care provider will then offer suggestions and advice on managing or preventing these medical conditions. 

4. Early Detection

An Arleta primary care physician handling your medical needs means no illness will go undetected. That is because you will have a single doctor handling your routine and annual checkups. Early detection means early and proper treatment, which helps to save lives.

5. Better Communication

Visits to the doctor’s office are more productive and less stressful when an Arleta primary care physician and the patient have established a long-term relationship. If you are dealing with someone you know, it is much easier to share sensitive issues compared to a stranger in an unfamiliar setting or place.

6. Time and Cost Savings

Once you have established a relationship with our Arleta primary care physician, scheduling an appointment is easier and much faster. You will get convenient next-day or same-day from primary care specialists in Arleta with whom you are familiar. When this happens, you will not only save time and money, but it will save you unnecessary trips to the emergency room. 

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Types of Primary Care Physicians

You need to understand that a primary care physician isn’t just a title, nor is it a box to check off on the paperwork. It is a profession that involves a person that you have shared personal and sensitive medical or health care information with. Overseeing your overall health is the work of an Arleta primary care physician. He or she is there to recommend ways and things that can improve your health. You will also be guided on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our primary physician may also help you prevent certain illnesses and offer proper treatment when you become ill. Whenever you have any health concerns, our Arleta primary care provider should be the one you look for. The reason is that he or she knows you better.

Internal Medicine Physicians 

An internist is another name for a physician who deals with internal medicine. This is a medical practitioner who cares for adult patients. Internists are excellent health practitioners for treating patients who are going through health challenges. They don’t only focus on disease prevention or health promotion. They also diagnose and treat chronic and acute diseases. They are often referred to as detectives for medicine because they are such good diagnosticians. An Arleta Internists aim to ensure that you are as healthy as possible. They do this by ensuring that you are up to date with regular screenings such as mammograms or Pap Smear tests.

Family Practice Physicians

Family practice physicians have undergone special medical training to offer health and medical health care to families or individuals throughout their lives. An Arleta family practice physician can offer care for older adults, teenagers, children, and infants. A family medicine doctor deals with diverse medical conditions but often focuses on disease prevention and health promotion. An Arleta family practice physician also deals with acute and chronic medical conditions, just like internists.


Some people prefer having one doctor for the entire family to offer medical and health care. Other people prefer having a doctor who specializes in treating their children. Pediatricians are primary care physicians in Arleta for children. This type of doctor has undergone specialized medical training for dealing with medical conditions that affect children. They offer primary care to newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and teenagers up to 21 years old. A time for rapid growth and development in a person during childhood. Other health care needs for children include exposing them to a lifetime of healthy habits, including regular physical and health checkups, staying updated with current immunizations, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Pediatricians don’t only offer medical advice that concerns children, but they also have the medical expertise to treat various illnesses in children. 


Older adults are treated by a special doctor who has undergone enough medical training to understand their medical and health concerns. Such a medical practitioner is known as a geriatrician. Just like children's special needs, older adults also require specialized medical care. Older adults 65 years and above are prone to various medical conditions such as memory loss, falls, and hearing loss. When a person reaches the critical ages of 65, 75, 85, or older, he or she will require specialized medical care. A geriatrician is a board-certified to care for older adults who have reached the age of 65 years and above. His or her duties include disease prevention, health promotions, disease management, and understanding the multidimensional and unique needs of older patients or senior citizens.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OB/GYN) Physicians 

Throughout their lives, women undergo various health and medical issues that require special attention, unlike men. That is a whole medical practice that is meant to address the plight of women’s health. A primary care physician in Arleta who has undergone special training to address healthcare needs in women is known as an OB/GYN physician. Pregnant women or women who have reached childbearing age and want to get pregnant can seek services from this type of primary care physician. Some special concerns that must be addressed in the search for women include exercise, nutrition, and medication. A woman’s overall health may be affected by illness and irregularities related to the reproductive tract. 


Primary care specialists in Arleta are mandated to give you health and medical care to help you have a healthy lifestyle. You can count on them for ongoing health since they offer preventive, diagnostic, and managed care. If the patient requires special treatments, a primary care physician in Arleta can refer him or her to an appropriate medical specialist. An Arleta primary care physicians can also understand the natural causes of various diseases and infections. An Arleta primary care providers also offer follow-ups on chronic diseases and other recurring medical conditions. 

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