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10 Reasons To Visit Arleta Urgent Care & Wellness Center

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January 17, 2023 | Category : Urgent Care Services | Author: Arleta Urgent Care

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Many people will require immediate medical attention for non-life threatening conditions, such as earache, common cold, or sprained ankle, at some point in their lives. You should know that urgent care centers exist close by to deal with such minor emergencies. Expert doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are available at Arleta Urgent Care to treat patients quickly. The doctors and nurses at Arleta Urgent Care use cutting-edge medical technology to treat various conditions. An urgent care center can also expedite your appointment with the appropriate specialist. Here are the top 10 reasons why people visit an urgent care and wellness center.

Sore Throat, Cough, Fever, and Cold

A sore throat may be a cause of various illnesses, including the common cold, the flu, strep throat, or even mononucleosis. True, mononucleosis cannot be cured. But if you come to Arleta Urgent Care, we'll be able to rule out strep throat and identify any secondary infections you might have. Strep throat, especially in children, should be treated promptly by a doctor to prevent the spread of the infection and the worsening of the condition.

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Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Although pink eye often resolves on its own, it is a common reason for visits to urgent care and wellness center, especially when accompanied by other symptoms. Because bacteria or viruses can cause pink eye, a medical professional must determine which medication will be most effective. Stop by our walk-in clinic, and we'll decide if you just need some over-the-counter medicines like antibiotics or steroids or if you require emergency care.

Sprains and Strains

Muscle injuries, such as strained hamstrings, are common in people who lead physically active lives, such as regular gym-goers, athletes, and those with labor-intensive manual jobs. Overexertion, on the other hand, frequently results in strains for anyone involved. Patients with sprained ankles, wrists, and knees often visit urgent care centers. It is difficult to tell the difference between a sprain and a fracture when you hurt your wrist or ankle. A doctor or nurse in an urgent care center can make a diagnosis and verify whether or not a specific treatment is appropriate.

Moderate Breathing Difficulties

It’s essential to seek medical attention any time you have trouble breathing. But not all cases of respiratory distress require urgent care (ER). Arleta urgent care and family wellness center can assist patients with mild breathing difficulties due to respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma.

Gastrointestinal Upset

Symptoms of gastrointestinal distress can range from a dull ache to violent vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms are often associated with food poisoning and the stomach flu, two of the most common gastrointestinal illnesses. Each of the problems on this list can have a variety of root causes; therefore, it is best to consult a medical professional at Arleta Urgent Care to figure out how to proceed with treatment.

Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, and Accidents

If you've been in an accident, but your life, limbs, or eyesight aren't in immediate danger, you should visit an urgent care and wellness center. Make an appointment at Arleta Urgent Care if you or your child sustains an injury that requires close medical attention, such as a cut or scrapes from a dropped tool, a concussion from a soccer collision, or a broken bone from a fall. Urgent care clinics are less expensive and more convenient alternatives to emergency rooms.

Rashes and Insect Bites

When the temperature rises, many people spend time outside, which increases the risk of rashes. There is been increase in number of visitors to urgent care and wellness center during the spring and summer months due to heat rashes, skin allergies, poison ivy, and insect bites. A rash should be taken seriously when accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, an infection, or an allergic reaction. A doctor should always check rashes that are particularly painful or blistery.

Ear Infection

Both kids and adults can get ear infections. Since these infections rarely last longer than a few days in adults, only prolonged illness or the presence of additional symptoms may necessitate medical attention. However, it's always advised to see a doctor if a child has a suspected ear infection. Ear infections are common in children, and we treat patients as young as two at Arleta Urgent Care.

Urinary Tract infections (UTI)

Did you know bacterial infections in the body rank second to UTIs in frequency? It's no surprise that it appears on this list of common urgent care conditions! It primarily affects women. A UTI typically does not go away on its own, so it is advised to see a doctor to rule out other conditions, such as yeast infections or STDs, and to receive antibiotic treatment. If a woman with symptoms can't see her OB/GYN immediately, she only needs to take a quick visit to an urgent care facility! At Arleta Urgent Care, a quick urine test will reveal whether a UTI is the source of your symptoms.

Being Uninsured/Underinsured

Many people go to urgent care and family wellness center facilities because they are uninsured or have inadequate coverage. In general, Arleta Urgent Care accepts the majority of health plans. Patients without insurance, or those whose insurance doesn't cover enough, can pay out of pocket.

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About Urgent Care Medical Professionals

Patients can count on high-quality care from our team of doctors and other medical professionals at Arleta Urgent Care center. Our medical staff will treat each patient as if they were a member of their own family and provide them with the care they need right away. After receiving the necessary care, the patient should schedule a follow-up appointment with their primary care physician, as suggested by their medical professional.

Arleta Urgent Care Center is Convenient

Arleta Urgent Care clinic is open daily for a good chunk of the day. And this facilitates patients' access to doctors and hospitals that can provide them with timely emergency care. This option is crucial because no one can predict when they will require immediate medical care.

Wrap Up

As discussed above, there are various reasons why people opt to go to an urgent care and wellness center. By visiting this center, you will have access to the medical care required to get your health back on track. Also, walk-in services are available at many urgent care clinics, making them highly convenient and reliable. If you have any questions about sport-related injuries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 818-746-2626 or Schedule an Appointment


Need Of Urgent Care?

Do you want to receive medical attention and treatment right away? You can start by visiting urgent care that offers a one-stop solution for you. Without any hardship, you will get proper treatment for various health conditions that you may be suffering from. Visit Arleta urgent care today for effective treatment and quick recovery.