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Urgent Care Treatments for Common Conditions in Arleta

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June 07, 2022 | Category : Urgent Care Services | Author: Arleta Urgent Care

Urgent Care Treatments for Common Conditions

Let’s say that you are in the kitchen and you suffer a minor injury. You end up nicking one of your fingers while chopping onions. The kitchen knife goes too deep, and you can’t stop the bleeding with a bandage. Suturing the incision is the only technique to stop the bleeding. This type of injury may not be severe enough to warrant a visit to an emergency room. You are, however, losing a lot of blood. While some people will prefer rushing to an emergency room, the best option will be to seek medical attention from an Arleta urgent care clinic.

What Does Urgent Care Mean?

Arleta urgent care doctors offer ideal options if a patient has suffered a minor injury or mild sickness. You can also seek laboratory test services or vaccination from an Arleta urgent care clinic. Not only are these health care facilities widely accessible, but they are also quite convenient to all patients who require time-sensitive care. That is why they are sometimes known as immediate care centres. 

They make perfect alternative medical care facilities for patients who don’t have access to or their primary care doctor is not available. Physicians urgent care arleta is also a wonderful health care facility for patients who may want to seek medical care from emergency rooms but whose conditions are not life-threatening. Working hours have ended. 

What Time Should You Go to Urgent Care?

The ideal time to seek medical treatment from an urgent family clinic is when having an acute illness or having suffered a minor injury. An acute injury or illness refers to a medical emergency that needs time-sensitive attention but does not necessarily require services from an emergency room. That is if your primary care provider is not available. Some of the health care practitioners you will get in an advanced urgent care arleta centre include nurses, physicians, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, front desk receptionists, and radiological technologists. You can count on staff at an urgent care centre to offer various medical and health care services including on-site lab processing, X-ray imaging, administering IV fluids, and immunisation services. Other services offered by urgent care centres include travel vaccinations, occupational medicine, and sports and school physicals. 

What Conditions Are Treated at Urgent Care?

Urgent care clinics often deal with medical issues and conditions that are not fatal enough to demand services in an emergency room. Generally, you should expect urgent care facilities to address these health care issues:

  • Asthma and other allergic reactions
  • Bronchitis and strep throat
  • Burns, bug bites, animal bites, and minor cuts 
  • Pink eye
  • Sinus pressure and sinus infections (sinusitis)
  • Broken bones falls, sprains, strains 
  • Colds and flu
  • Ear infections

Urgent Care Treatments for Common Conditions In Arleta

No one wants to end up in an Arleta urgent care clinic or another healthcare facility. However, sometimes it is inevitable because of so many reasons. So, what are the many obvious reasons anyone would want to seek medical attention from an urgent care clinic? Which medical conditions warrant urgent care treatment? This post explains some of the medical conditions treated at urgent care centres. 

Cold and Flu

Many people who decide to seek medical care from advanced urgent care arleta centres suffer from upper respiratory conditions. These conditions include flu and common cold. In most cases, these conditions are not that serious. Descriptions include sinus infection, flu, nasal allergy symptoms, and tonsillitis. These illnesses are often treated and the patients head back home. No admissions are required. Most people who suffer from these illnesses just need to wait out. You also need to know that doctors often prescribe glue medication usually available over-the-counter. They're available at your neighborhood pharmacy. This is why most upper respiratory conditions treatments are not available at family urgent care clinics. 

Minor Injuries

People also go to a family urgent care clinic to seek medical attention for minor injuries. Such injuries include broken bones and first-degree burns. Injuries and illnesses treated at urgent care centres are different because doctors always use professionalism to treat illnesses. In minor injuries, physicians only need to apply braces, bandages, or cast in the injured area to prevent movement until the damaged tissues grow back again. 


We can forget about urinary tract infections because these conditions are also commonly treated at Arleta urgent care centres. Most women are more prone to getting UTIs than men because of the structure of their renal system. Women have a shorter urethra, which puts them at a greater risk of getting urinary tract infections. You can also get urgent care pap smear testing. 

Fortunately, treating UTIs is very simple. All you need is antibiotics that will also help to curb future infections. There are also other simple activities that you can do to prevent urinary infections. They include drinking cranberry juice, urinating after having sexual intercouse, switching birth control medication, and drinking plenty of water.


Several medical conditions should only be addressed in an emergency room because of their severity. They include very serious injuries that are fatal and medical conditions such as a heart attack. Such conditions are life-threatening and require medical attention from a specialist. Urgent care centers make ideal alternatives for treatment when primary care centers are closed. The personalized commitment you find at Arleta Urgent Clinic when serving patients makes urgent care centers reliable health care facilities to go to. 

If you have any questions about our treatments for common conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at  (818)-746-2626 or Schedule an appointment 


Need Of Urgent Care?

Do you want to receive medical attention and treatment right away? You can start by visiting urgent care that offers a one-stop solution for you. Without any hardship, you will get proper treatment for various health conditions that you may be suffering from. Visit Arleta urgent care today for effective treatment and quick recovery.