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7 Sports Injuries & Reasons for Choosing An Urgent Care Clinic

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December 21, 2022 | Category : Urgent Care Services | Author: Arleta Urgent Care

Sports Injury Urgent Care

Whether participating in a team activity or working out on your own, the experience is usually rewarding. Some typical reasons people get hurt when playing sports involve faulty equipment, insufficient warm-ups, inadequate training, or overly violent play. Here are some common sports injuries and why you should visit an urgent care clinic for these damages instead of waiting for our regular doctor. If you're an athlete, you should seek sports injury urgent care near me.

1. Strains and Sprains 

A doctor at our Arleta walk-in clinic will look at the wound and give you an assessment of the damage. We use X-rays to check for broken bones and other injuries. An expert will advise on how to treat the wound, speed up the healing process, and alleviate discomfort by using pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Before discharging the patient, our specialists will secure the injured area.

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2. Contusions 

Arleta urgent care clinic will send a qualified medical expert to assess the injuries and ensure they won't worsen or cause further complications. Soon after, we will guide you on how to tend the wound best and hasten its recovery. We may also recommend medicine, although it will depend on how severe the discomfort is.

3. Knee Injuries 

A sports injury urgent care clinic features tried and tested medical professionals who can assess the severity of an injury and prioritize the patient accordingly. X-rays are ideal for fractures and other repairable injuries. Most sprains and strains are minor enough that a doctor can send you home with aftercare tips. In the case of more severe injuries, our medical staff will secure the area to prevent any additional harm. The patient may be sent to an orthopedic expert for further evaluation and care.

4. Dislocations

A medical professional will put the pieces back together and provide aftercare recommendations should we discover a dislocation. Our Arleta walk-in clinic has doctors who can diagnose joint dislocations and give the necessary treatment to get your body moving again.

5. Hip Flexor Strain

A trip to the ER is warranted when you have acute pain radiating from your hip to your groin or hip due to a hip flexor strain. You should see one of our urgent care doctors if you have trouble walking or bearing weight on your injured hip.

6. ACL Injury

Arleta Urgent Care Clinic is a fantastic choice for performing first-injury assessments and triage. X-rays can show the precise location and extent of the injury and any subsequent damage that must be treated. We'll secure the injured area to prevent future injury and suggest visiting an orthopedic doctor for further evaluation and treatment. In addition, we may prescribe medications to alleviate the discomfort and swelling.

7. Strained Groin 

If you're experiencing spasms, swelling, and significant bruising from a groin strain of grade II or III severity, you should get medical attention right once. Thanks to expert personnel and cutting-edge diagnostic instruments like digital X-rays, you can get to the bottom of your pain.

Whether you need head injury urgent care, eye injury urgent care, knee injury urgent care, or, er, Arleta has you covered. Now that you understand why you should go to an urgent care clinic if you have a sports injury, let's review some common sports injuries.

Sports Injuries Classifications

Acute and chronic sports injuries are the two primary types of injuries that can occur in the sporting environment.

Chronic sports injuries

Repetitive motion sports like football, running, and tennis cause chronic sports injuries. Over time, "wear and tear" on muscles, tendons, and joints from sports activity cause these injuries.

Acute sports injuries

Have you recently been hurt badly? When an acute injury occurs, it usually doesn't give much of a heads-up. This sudden trauma can result from a sudden change in direction while running, a fall during play, or a collision with another player. The Arleta urgent care clinic is the best place to go if you've sustained a sudden sports-related injury, such as a damaged back, torn muscles, sprained ankles, or a broken hand.

Advantages of Getting Urgent Care If You Have a Sports Injury

Compared to other hospitals and clinics, urgent care centers have many advantages. If you need medical attention quickly, consider sports injury urgent care near me for the following reasons:

No Appointments Required

Patients can just walk in and get seen immediately at the Arleta urgent care location. When you're sick or hurt and can't wait for an appointment, this is a huge help.

A Broad Range of Services

Suppose you're worried that urgent care won't be able to handle your situation. In that case, you'll be pleasantly relieved to learn that the Arleta clinic is equipped to handle various medical emergencies.


The treatment price at Arleta urgent care center is typically lower, making it a more cost-effective choice. Also, you may rest easy knowing that insurance will reimburse your treatment because we accept most major plans.

Patients who sustain injuries during vigorous exercise or competitive sports require prompt medical attention to alleviate their suffering. When people sustain injuries that aren't life-threatening, they usually go to the nearest emergency hospital or institution. The cost of an emergency department visit and treatment can easily be ten times that of an urgent care center.

Types of Sports Injuries We Treat at Arleta Urgent Care Clinic

At Arleta Urgent Care, we can effectively treat the following significant injuries:

  1. Simple bone fractures: Injuries that don't break the skin's surface or cause bleeding.
  2. Lacerations and fixing wounds: Wounds need to be cleaned and stitched by a professional to prevent or eliminate an infection.
  3. Sprains: We treat ankle, shoulder, knee, and elbow sprains and strains, as well as injuries to other joints.

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Why Choose Arleta Urgent Care?

Primary care clinics are typically only open on weekdays and require appointments in advance. On the other hand, Arleta Urgent Care and Family Clinic is a walk-in facility that provides prompt and expert medical care, so you can get out of discomfort and back on your feet without breaking the bank.

X-rays and in-house testing allow our walk-in clinics and medical professionals to make precise diagnoses and develop individualized treatment strategies. Furthermore, medical care is available even without the need for an appointment.

The Bottom Line

Whether acute or chronic, sports injuries will prevent you from participating in the sports you enjoy. Our teams routinely treat non-life-threatening sports injuries of licensed professionals. Choose Arleta sports injury urgent care clinic to receive expert medical attention so you can begin feeling better.

If you have any questions about sport-related injuries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 818-746-2626 or Schedule an Appointment


Need Of Urgent Care?

Do you want to receive medical attention and treatment right away? You can start by visiting urgent care that offers a one-stop solution for you. Without any hardship, you will get proper treatment for various health conditions that you may be suffering from. Visit Arleta urgent care today for effective treatment and quick recovery.